Trent reznor dating history

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Trent reznor dating history

It's, it's, it's, I think, more than a lot of people out there, I think, Trent is really in touch with, um, even though he represents rage in a way, I think he's more understanding of hurt than a lot of guys that touch rage: they touch rage, but without the depth of--that rage really comes from a very deep pain, and I think he does understand that, that's why his work really touches me. I really liked her first album, which is not the kind of thing I'd normally listen to.TORI'S APPEARANCE ON CFNY RADIO (TORONTO) Transcribed by Mike Harris [Trent said:] A. Someone had given it to me and said that it sounded like Sinead O'Connor.The Manson critique is one of several Reznor has lodged in the past few months.Earlier this year, Reznor engaged in a Twitter battle with Chris Cornell after offering a less-than-enthusiastic review of Cornell's album . And as a fan of his talents, I hope he gets his shit together," Reznor said.But the rest are all pretty much about me." Never mind that Corgan himself has attributed most of the songs to his then breakup with future wife Chris Fabian.

In fact, she just told BBC 6 that most of the Pumpkins' classic album called 'Spaceboy'...that's about his brother.

According to Spinner, Reznor had some harsh words for the Antichrist Superstar, saying, "He is a malicious guy and will step on anybody's face to succeed and cross any line of decency.

Seeing him now, drugs and alcohol now rule his life and he's become a dopey clown." Reznor indicates tension between the pair began during NIN's tour in 1994.

And the two don’t bleed into one another very well.

It’s possible to fall in love with somebody who doesn’t treat us well, who makes us feel worse about ourselves, who doesn’t hold the same respect for us as we do for them, or who has such a dysfunctional life themselves that they threaten to bring us down with them.

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This chart illustrates the complex intertwining between Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Hole, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, Filter and Limp Bizkit. In words, this is what the chart says: LATE 80's / EARLY 90's 01) Singer/guitarist Courtney Love begins relationship with fellow scenester musician Eric Erlandson.

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