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Psych james roday maggie lawson dating

"Strode was just handing me her toxicology report." He handed the file to Gus who immediately realized what the results were."This is the same stuff anesthesiologists use to put people under."Shawn looked over his friend's shoulder. "Gus, please for once could you pretend to not know this I'm only thinking of your coolness factor, which just plunged to a negative.""C'mon son." Gus quipped before his brow furrowed in confusion. "Hey Jules."She smiled back before composing herself.

Although Pratt acknowledged that getting out of the brother and sister mindset was a bit strange a first, he did get tired of people called their relationship "creepy," he told interviewers that:"We've pretty much gotten used to the response of, 'Eww, that's weird.Glaring, Gus wiped himself off and flicked as much water as he could back at Shawn. "Must have been a nightmare." Once Carlton had given him the customary leer of disapproval, Shawn covertly grinned and raised his fist towards Gus for a bump. "A woman died Shawn." Finally realizing his joke timing was a bit off, Shawn lowered his fist with a pout. The sedative could have been to stop her struggle."Juliet walked up a few seconds later, carefully carrying something.Carlton was already a few steps ahead of them now, and was still talking as they approached his desk. She noticed Shawn and Gus, "Great, you guys are here."Shawn's eyebrows raised and he gave her a small smile.AUTHOR'S NOTES: I saw Sis Angel's awesome WIP called "A Different World" and fell in love with the idea of James and Shawn switching places and got her blessing to use the idea. ) Anyway, for those not familiar with the actor's who play the main characters, here is a short list.Shawn Spencer = James Roday Burton "Gus" Guster = Dulé Hill Juliet O'Hara = Maggie Lawson (Yes, she and James are dating in real life.

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"It's been an interesting process to make sure we service this new relationship and let people feel like, 'Alright, they are in a relationship and they are evolving,' but also making sure that Shawn and Gus are still the center of the "To our credit and to the credit of our writing staff, I think we did a pretty nice job of not mixing things up too much," Roday continues.