Problem validating email blackberry

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All Army users will have their account created automatically within 24 hours of receiving your CAC. CSM), you have to visit an ID card office to get it corrected.You can call the Army Enterprise Service Desk-Worldwide at 866-335-2769 to find out who your Entitlement Manager is for your command if you've had your CAC longer than 48 hours. Dual Persona is an Army Reserve [or Guard] Soldier who is [or has ever been a Do D civilian (or contractor)] theoretically you were authorized to carry two CACs at the same time, some time in your life).

The following items might indicate that the your Black Berry Internet Service email account was added successfully: The only way to confirm, with 100% certainty, that the Black Berry Internet Service email account is completely and correctly set up is to send an email message to the added email address.As a workaround, the Android device may have another native email app that supports S/MIME, or you may need to download a third-party email app from the app store.Note: UITS does not endorse any specific third-party Android apps; however, owners have reported success using the third-party email app "Nine - Outlook for Android". On some LG Android devices, when you attempt to digitally sign messages, the S/MIME certificates become invalid and the messages display this error: "Error: The message contents may have been altered."After you have installed your S/MIME certificate on some Android devices, a warning icon that looks like a triangle with an exclamation point inside appears in the taskbar with the error message: "Network may be monitored By an unknown third party".We need to verify your number and can only do that if you can either receive an SMS or a voice call. Active Sync is a protocol that allows to synchronize emails, contacts and calendar appointments from a server to mobile devices.

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