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To assure satisfaction with your new Kimber rifle we urge you to carefully read these instructions prior to operation or initial firing. Loading and Firing the Rifle 11 Parts list 12 Exploded view 13 E 1 . Failure to follow these instructions or failure to obey any safety warnings may result in injury to yourself or others, or cause damage to your gun. The manufacturer agrees to correct by repair or replacement (with the same or comparable quality model) your firearm, without charge, if returned prepaid with a copy of the bill of sale. assumes no responsibility for product malfunction or for physical injury or property damage resulting in whole or in part from criminal or negligent use of the product, improper or careless handling, unauthorized modifications, use of defective, improper, hand-loaded ammunition, customer abuse or neglect of the product, or other influences beyond Kimber Mfg., Inc.'s control.

Click for more info NO RESERVE LISTING - GUN IS IN STOCK!The same seller has a Sig Sauer DAK 1911 CAR45SCPN with a serial number of 54B125xxx with a matching DAK Viridian X5L for about the same price.He quoted me 99.00 for both pistols out the door.(“Kimber”) has discovered a potential quality issue involving the bolt function on some 84M rifles with Stainless Steel receivers manufactured in late 2013.This quality issue could allow the rifle to fire without pulling the trigger.

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This Recall Notice only applies to the Serial Numbers of the 84M Rifles listed in the List of Serial Numbers of Potentially Affected 84M Rifles linked to this document.