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The International Harvester Travelall is a full-size, truck-based sport utility vehicle that was manufactured by International Harvester from 1953 to 1975.

With a layout similar to the Chevrolet Suburban, it is a precursor to the modern full-size SUV.

Developed to cut down wheat more quickly and more efficiently.

1824 At the age of 15, he invented a lightweight cradle for carting harvested grain 1831 Cyrus improves the reaper designed by his father Robert Mc Cormick 1834 Patent issued to Cyrus Mc Cormick as the inventor of the mechanical reaper 1847 a factory is constructed in Chicago to produce 500 reapers for the 1848 harvest 1859 Brothers Leander and William each receive one-fourth of the Cyrus Mc Cormick & Brothers Co.

1884 the Mc Cormick Harvesting Machine Co sold 54,841 machines 1902 Mc Cormick Harvesting Machine Co.

and others join to form International Harvester Company 1915 International Harvester markets its first combined harvester thresher combine.

1985 Harvester' s farm business is purchased placed under the control of Tennecos Case division.

The VIN structure used from 10/65 until the start of the 1973 model production consisted of a 6 digit model code followed by a letter indicating the plant it was built in followed by a 6 digit serial number.International Harvester introduced a new line of trucks, the R Series, in 1953.Included was the 115-inch-wheelbase Travelall, a panel truck equipped with side windows and either two or three rows of passenger seats.However, when the 1961 C-line was introduced, the serial numbers kept going with the SB numbers rather than starting over.This sequence continued until 10/65 when a new 13 digit VIN was introduced.

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