Fired event itemupdating which

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Fired event itemupdating which

Get Control By Id("ACObject ID"); User Field ACAssigned To = (User Field)Page. Update(); //if we're in the case of adding new item then the event //reciever Item Added is fired here for the second time //while Item Updated is not fired So how can I stop the second fire of item Added resulting on the item.

BTW : This Code isn't written in the itemadded method nor in the itemupdated method, actually it's the code in a user control for a webpart development.

This allows you to provide an event handler that performs a custom routine, such as canceling the mode change, whenever this event occurs.

A Details View Mode Event Args object is passed to the event handler, which allows you to determine the new mode, to determine whether the mode change was a result of the user canceling an edit operation, or to cancel the mode change.

Damon gives just one example of a poisoned dagger in the game of Sharepoint Development: The Item Event Receiver.

I’m usually disappointed when writers employ oft-overused metaphors to describe a situation.

Updated only gets fired after the added event on document libraries because first the file will be uploaded (Added) and then the file will be updated with the additional information such as meta data.

I don’t mean that it’s largest and most luxurious application every written, but rather that you may be cruising headlong into a nasty rendezvous with an iceberg that could deal a severe blow to your project.

We may never know about all of the dangers lurking out there, but today we’re going to cover at least one danger you may encounter while writing event receivers – an annoying issue with the Item Updating and Item Updated events firing twice.

Better consider to user a item adding event receiver and lead the user in a log running operation. in Share Point 2010 / 2013 the same way. This avoid the user from editing the item before you finished your work.

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