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Dating with housewives

The Bravo reality show, part of the vast "Real Housewives" franchise, will again follow the lives of a group of women from the Maryland suburb, including a few with Baltimore ties. "We've been through a lot in the last two years."As far as potentially rekindling their romantic flame, "we'll cross that road when it happens," she said.Based on the extended trailer and season premiere, here are some tidbits of what's to come: The group attends the Preakness in Baltimore and ladies take a bikini-clad trip to a tropical locale; Gizelle Bryant and Charrisse Jackson-Jordan address bad-mouthing each other; Robyn Dixon moves into a new townhouse in Hanover and continues to work on her relationship with her ex-husband, former Maryland basketball player and coach Juan Dixon; Ashley Darby enters a dance contest and attempts to make her restaurant a success; empty-nester Karen Huger looks for a slightly downsized home; and Jackson-Jordan looks for happiness after her husband asks for a divorce. But will the love life of Bryant's ex-husband, Jamal Bryant, be addressed on the show?She didn’t, however, say whether her mom approves of the new man.

So unless something terrible has befallen the couple in the last two weeks, we can assume they're still going strong.

Unfortunately (and like the best of us), Carole still sometimes struggles with the pressure of societal expectations. 'But at other times, she's shown total faith in her judgment and ultimately, she seems to know that she's doing the right thing for her.

For years, Phaedra Parks has been accused of texting with a mystery man while she was still married to Apollo.

In fact, the setup seemed to be getting on her nerves more and more the longer he stayed, but they are now peacefully living in their own separate spaces once again.

Honestly, Carole and Adam are one of the best representations of a non-escalator relationship on TV.

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star Gizelle Bryant’s ex-husband Pastor Jamal Bryant. DID.”reunion, people seem to be coming left, right, and centre for Ms. Clearly, this source is a disgruntled former friend who has it out for her but there may be some truth to the allegations here seeing as they’re almost wacky to be made up.