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'Due to the numerous ongoing significant benefits that we have seen regarding the older children sleeping outdoors and the support by all of our parents we have decided to implement effective immediately an outdoor sleeping policy,' Mr Scott-Hamilton said.

The policy was implemented on an opt-out basis for children ages two to five years old and who require sleep at the centre, but does not apply to babies - who continue to sleep indoors.

Many believe they can never be whole or have joy in their life again, that the pain will never go away.

The emotional strain of abortion can be overwhelming for the very young and those already struggling to cope with other issues.

His book, titled Aspergers Syndrome, has now been translated into several languages.

Tony operates his clinic two days a week and supports children and adults by visiting them at school and home.

For many, abortion is a death experience in which one’s personal choice does not negate, but rather adds to the suffering.

He also spends a large amount of time travelling nationally and internationally to present workshops and papers.

Tony is married to Sarah with three children, Rosie, William and Caroline.

They reside in Brisbane, Australia, in which Tony uses part of his home as his clinic to see families.

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A childcare centre in Perth has implemented an 'outdoor sleeping policy' after statistics appeared to show children who slept outside were less prone to falling ill.